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Written By: Gia Codrescu - Aug• 18•11

This inspires me

  • Intellect: Thinker
  • Skills: Performer
  • Emotions: Instructor
  • Dynamism: Innovator

Your Core Skills

Confident and articulate you are a people-person and a gifted facilitator. You have the ability to inspire and motivate a team. You thrive when you’re the centre of attention and feed off the energy of the group. You enjoy rational thinking assessing problems carefully from all angles before reaching a conclusion. Original thought and innovation comes naturally to you.

Potential Areas Of Weakness

You can get quite addicted to group dynamics and sometimes find it hard to work quietly on your own. You think and talk big but this can be at the expense of focus on routine planning and organisational tasks. The practical details may not be so exciting to you but that doesn’t mean you can neglect them. You need to make sure you listen as well as lead.

Areas You Might Want To Work On

  • Make a conscious effort to enjoy working alone from time to time rather than seeking an audience as a natural leader there is always room to improve your listening skills so that all team members feel valued and integrated work hard at giving the necessary attention to time management and organisational tasks

Careers That May Suit You


Optimism barometer

Here’s an indication of your optimism levels based on the VisualDNA that you haved shared with us.

    Energy meter

    Here’s an indication of your energy levels based on the VisualDNA that you haved shared with us.


    Your Detailed Personality Assessment

    Winning the respect and loyalty of your colleagues comes easily to you. You feel very at home in the limelight and are a natural when it comes to enthusing and inspiring those around you. But how often do you sit down and really think about ways that you could use your wonderful unique skills to truly make the impact that you would like You enjoy a challenge and always rise to the occasion so make sure that your attitude stays fresh so that you perform to your highest abilities in everything that you do.

    You’re quite a maverick at heart. Not for you the traditional paths of career development. You have true entrepreneurial flair and are always thinking of new and original ways to get ahead in life. It’s good to keep things fresh. You like variety and may feel frustrated in a work set-up which limits your potential for self-expression. Being your own boss is definitely appealing to you.

    Life may feel quite stark to you right now. It’s sometimes hard to see a way out of the daily grind as if you’re stuck on a treadmill with no way of getting off. Work worries are only adding to your general stress level. You’re naturally quite a sensitive person. You don’t like uncertainty and prefer to feel secure.

    The way you approach each day can have huge implications for your success in the workplace. And it seems that you have your priorities right. You have a very bright disposition and generally see the positive side of things. You know yourself well and know what you need to feel good. The only danger is that sometimes you may lack the go-getting energy that can be beneficial in driving your career forwards.

    The Future

    Maybe things have got a bit stale at work and you feel like you’ve outgrown your current job or perhaps you’re feeling super ambitious and want make your mark with a big career move. Either way it’s time for a change. Moving on is a really positive decision since it affords fantastic growth opportunities and learning experiences. You may feel like you’re a bit stuck for ideas right now. It’s important that you really try to listen to your inner voice and ask what it is that you want from life. By being true to yourself you’ll find that the inspiration will flow and allow you to develop and shine in the most amazing ways.

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