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I’m just a (day) dreamer :)

Written By: Gia Codrescu - Sep• 28•09


Multumesc Alex 🙂 Cel mai frumos, simplu si sincer proiect – DayDreamers – vrea sa adune 1000 de ganduri si zambete

Mergeti si voi sa o cunoasteti, sa inchideti pentru un moment ochii, sa va ganditi la ceva de care va e drag si sa zambiti 🙂

Later edit: Puteti merge la fotografiat marti, 29 septembrie, intre 17 si 21.30; duminica, 4 octombrie, intre 14 si 21.30; marti, 6 octombrie, intre 17 si 21.30. Studioul se afla in Calea Victoriei 21, etajul 3 (cladirea cu clubul Spice, chiar langa Politia Capitalei). Mai puteti da mail la pentru alte detalii. Succes! 🙂

Gazing through the window at the world outside
Wondering if mother earth will survive
Hoping that mankind will stop abusing her, sometime

After all theres just the two of us
And here we are still fighting for our lives
Watching all of history repeat itself, time after time

Im just a dreamer, I dream my life away
Im just a dreamer, who dreams of better days

I watch the sun go down like everyone of us
Im hoping that the dawn will bring a sign
A better place for those who will come after us this time

Im just a dreamer, I dream my life away, oh yeah
Im just a dreamer, who dreams of better days

Your higher power may be God or Jesus Christ
It doesnt really matter much to me
Without each others help there aint no hope for us
Im living in a dream, a fantasy

If only we could just find serenity
It would be nice if we could live as one
When will all this anger, hate and bigotry be gone?

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  1. theheartcollector says:

    Măi, măi, ce poză drăguță ți-ai făcut 🙂

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