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Written By: Gia Codrescu - Dec• 20•10

Name the coolest thing you experienced on the internet recently

De Storm:

Cool talented guy who sings, acts, shares wise thoughts, push-up exercises and motivation – he comes with a new video every week on something that one of his readers suggested. He always starts with this line: “What’s up world? It’s… Monday! Another day, another challenge!”. I think this is the way every Online campaign should follow:

1. frequent content

2. smart & original

3. helpful & funny

Some videos that I enjoyed a lot:

Tell one thing you would like to create

I dream to run a dating company 🙂 Think about psichologists who are creating complex personality profiles for the clients, think about workshops on cooperations and communication, think about event organizers, editors who are putting together a magazine, online specialists who are doing reserch and counsel the clients on their social media profiles, think about the Love we can share 🙂

Ask the one thing that excites you the most

Do you have meringue cake with raspberries and chocolate?

One Creative piece of Photoshop work – for the art’s sake

The struggle

Two goals in life

To add color and make the panda bear happy 🙂

TIJI “COLOUR” HD from AKAMA on Vimeo.

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